About Us

To understand a brief history of Meng Heng, a taste of Meng Heng's humanities and glory!


MH Concept

Our Mission

For the global customers to provide fashionable, complete range, reasonable prices, good quality, timely delivery of embroidery products and services

Corporate Vision

To create embroidery kingdom, leading the lifestyle


MH Values

Customer first: Meng Heng born for customers, customers are all the reasons for the existence

Teamwork: Cohesion, for the team goals go all out

Open innovation: Meet change, open innovation

Enthusiasm: To be effective struggler

Honesty: Virtuous, honest and dedicated


MH Five Goals

Based on leading fashion product design, strict product quality control, excellent supply chain management, accurate market development, professional and efficient customer service, continue to expand the global market share and enhance corporate profitability, continue to accumulate Meng Heng lace brand value.


Workplace Rules

Integrity and diligence

Clean and clean, observe the rules of discipline

Style is really, think of the officer, the officer, doing things


Advocate the Spirit of Craftsmen -
Assiduously, Excellence, Heartless

I would like to follow the professionalism of the industry ;

Promote the adherence to perseverance of the character style ;

Carries the dream of creating a dream of innovation ;

Carefully to the officer, carefully to carve .


Full de Germany can ask: virtuous and Capable

Germany (character line): Integrity integrity, love and respect their jobs

Can (skills):Professional, good learning, the implementation of strong, disciplined, there are wolf