About Us

To understand a brief history of MH, a taste of MH's humanities and glory!


MH Overview

MH company was established in 1999, is the clothing accessories, embroidery lace, overseas business three major industrial sectors, including group-type industry and trade enterprises, with international trade, overseas channels, with the line manufacturing, embroidery lace and Five business divisions. Companies adhere to create value for customers and for the struggle to provide the stage of the development of ideas, is committed to enhancing the enterprise's ability to innovate and sustainable profitability, is committed to enhancing the level of enterprise science and technology and management, to enhance the full quality and reward and benefits. The existing staff of more than 4,000 people, Hong Tong, Zhenhai, Changfeng industrial base and Hunan MH base, the annual operating income of 43 billion yuan, through a variety of business models, more than 160 countries and regions around the world to provide products and services.

Lace business department is MH is responsible for embroidery lace product development, production and sales in one of the whole industry chain plate. Division has a staff of more than 1,500 people, from Switzerland and Japan, long computer embroidery machine more than 600 Taiwan, to provide include: soluble lace, pieces of embroidery, lace embroidery and other fashion embroidery products and full-service. With the Yangtze River Delta region's first production capacity advantages, MH lace has now become a number of first-line clothing brand designated suppliers, and was named Jiangbei District Industrial Enterprises 30 strong, Jiangbei District Minister Quality Award, high-tech enterprises, Zhejiang Engineering Technology Center And national embroidery fabric product development base. The future, we believe that the joint efforts of all employees in the constant, will be able to achieve MH lace industry take off, to achieve "collar embroidered fashion" great dream.


Equipment and Technology

Purchase of Raw Materials

Before the Road Production

After Finishing

Dyeing and Finishing

Packaging and Finished


Design and Technology

Professional flower and the band with the design staff of 65, so that home customers fashion ideas quickly become a reality 2016 set up product management department, the design, development, technology, finishing resources integration, and comprehensively enhance the ability.

Market class, design department, playing version of the Department, the prototype room and the Department of Quality Supervision to participate in the perfect MH product development process, the original 20 drafts of the original design draft version of the sample, held a monthly new sample will be.


Innovation and Patent

MH has always attached great importance to the protection of copyright in intellectual property rights, by our independent research and development of innovative products (design draft) has a copyright registration certificate in Zhejiang Province, subject to copyright protection, if any of our products (design draft) We all defend our rights and protect the rights we share with our customers.